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Tommi knows quite a bit about how to feed the mind, body and soul. As a professional chef she spent years cultivating a reputation for nourishing bodies from within. Now, as a certified life and health coach, she leads women through personal breakthroughs with a unique approach beginning with an invitation to slow down and intimately connect with your personal desires. Starting with a meal crafted around your specific needs and pairing it with multidimensional questioning, Tommi empowers you to connect with your whole person in an immersive experience that nourishes and transforms from the inside out. 

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Tommi has a diverse background ranging from stay at home mom to chef, writer, entrepreneur, multimedia host, and motivational speaker, all while carrying the titles of wife, mother and Mom-mom. She understands the weight of being a woman who wants to do it all. Through her years of experience and years of education, Tommi has the unique ability to support women with multifaceted interests to cut through the noise and focus on the areas that bring joy and fulfillment. 

If you are a woman moving through life with a white-knuckled grip on trying to survive, it’s time to let go and find the joy and purpose that make you feel alive.

Multidimensional Coaching For Women

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My takeaway from the “Women’s Retreat” is “self love.”

 Carrying It With Me At All Times, It Is My “Suit Of Armor." This Is A Constant Reminder Of Who “I Am & Who I Can Become.” 

Lisa S. from florida SAYs:

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"I came away wanting to be a better version of ME and developed a lifelong bond of sisterhood."

I cannot say enough about Tommi’s “Women’s Retreat” Tommi poured so much LOVE in all of Us. From cooking every meal with love to putting the right people together to help us in our ‘self-love” journey…the conversation, realness and self-worked that happened in our three-day retreat was utterly amazing. It was so therapeutic to be in a warm, safe, caring environment.

cynthia from washington d.c. SAYS:

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I came with an open mind and heart, and was totally blown away!

The depth of this experience is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of. I was able to work on deep parts of my life, past and present in a SAFE environment. Be open to trust the process. You will come out with a cleansed spirit. Thank you Tommi for a life changing weekend!

Michelle T. from texas SAYs:

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"To retreat is to withdraw and take a step back; I didn’t realize how much I needed it until that first night of REST."

And to do so with a group of ladies from different walks of life yet have so much in common… it was the get away that probably saved me from myself. I arrived not knowing anyone, and by the time we left I couldn’t remember a time that I didn’t know them. Thank you. 

keema from maryland SAYs:

Come sit at my table

I know you carry a lot on your plate

Hey there!

and that story you've been carrying around, that's your strength & it's time to share it.

Tommi offers coaching for women looking to embrace their stories to unlock the limitless possibilities that await her. 

Your story is your strength. 

Women are amazingly resilient creatures often carrying the emotional load of those they love while trying to balance their own health and wellness. 

Sure there are moments of overwhelm and seasons of struggle - but those are the things that make your journey special. Tommi is ready to support you as you navigate the areas of your life that have you feeling stuck so that you can experience a transformation that brings life-giving joy. 

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Connect with Tommi at her Virtual Table by joining her Weekly Stay A While Talk Show on Instagram Live where she meets with Way Makers & World Shakers using their stories to change the world. 

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