Fear and shame melt away when truth is spoken.


I believe every woman has a story to share- are you ready to tell yours? Come to my table where stories are shared and lives are changed through a lotta love paired with honest storytelling.

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Life Happens At The Table: Talks, Tools & Tasty Recipes for Living a Seasoned Life

the book

Part autobiography, partly a story of life and connection that’s formed when you meet others at the table. This is a book for everyone who knows a life well loved is a life well lived. 

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Coming in 2022



Faith, family, and the gift of building a socially conscious future, through impact-driven retreats. Join our Community to learn more about upcoming gatherings at Tommi’s Table. 

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"Life Happens at the Table.
Meet Me There."

An immersive experience steeped in cultivating the practice of slowing down and resting in the truth and hope in your personal story. 

Sometimes the most beautiful things come from messy beginnings. 

Whether it's culinary delights found in the midst of a countless list of ingredients…

Or it’s redemption found in the broken pieces of your personal story…

Tommi has a knack for finding the beauty and strengths hidden within.

Stay A While with Tommi Vincent 

A Podcast + Weekly Instagram Live Show

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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


Tommi’s virtual table where women are invited to share their stories to serve up soul food and wisdom, providing an opportunity to grow from storytellers who have paid the price, so listeners can glean from their bought experiences.

The Podcast

Real chats with real people, doing real things. A time to inspire, connect and encourage others with unique and relatable stories. 

Instagram Live Talk Show

Monday's at 7PM Eastern

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Connect with Tommi at her Virtual Table by joining her Weekly Stay A While Talk Show on Instagram Live where she meets with Way Makers & World Shakers using their stories to change the world. 

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