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Transformational coaching is coming alongside people seeking significant change that empowers them to grow, develop, and take charge of their story. 

As an accredited life and health coach, Tommi will take you through the process of examining everything that could be in service of that transformation. Through intuitive questioning, and examination of your personal story, you will dismantle your fears, identify your strengths and develop core internal messaging to guide your personal growth. 




Connect with your personal story through one on one transformation coaching with a customized
Tommi V experience.

Come learn with a small group of women who are committed to taking charge of their stories and create a life they love. 

Virtual (for now!) and coming back in person when the world reopens. Immersive, decadent and transformative. 

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Women’s Retreats 


Qualified ceo of you

Founded in 2014 Tommi stepped fully into her purpose while hosting her first Women’s Retreat. Using the power of legacy inspired recipes to feed and nourish her guests, she also began her unique form of intuitive questioning, encouraging women to see the full potential in their own stories to create positive breakthroughs while breaking bread with one another. 

Inspired By Legacy,
Nourished By Food.

This is a time to rest, reflect and connect with other women feeling the power of fellowship and transformation through shared experiences. 

The retreat


I’m passionate about teaching women running on empty to prioritize self so that they thrive in life.

with Tommi’s free prompted journaling workbook. Bring her unique intuitive questioning into the privacy of your own home and start making personal strides without ever leaving the house!

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