Every woman has a moment where they feel invited into their own story - a moment of self-realization that others have been writing her story and now is her moment to snatch back the pen and begin crafting a narrative of her own choosing. 

For me, that moment came after a season where I had become spread too thin. Skilled at championing others towards greatness, I continually neglected to nurture the light within me. When my light went out, I lost myself in the darkness. 

After a hard-fought battle with depression, I found my anchor in the kitchen, armed with my Nana Edie’s recipes. Through therapy and a whole lot of faith, I began to shape a life built on authenticity and healing from the inside out.

Cooking helped me to slow and connect with the why behind the steps of a recipe - when you are preparing food, there is a science to when ingredients are added - a chemical reaction that brings about incredible results filled with flavor and nourishment. 

It is the same with personal transformation- we must slow and connect with our stories so that we can find fulfillment through stepping into that which we were created to do. 

I’m Tommi!

hey girl!

wife, mother, big sis and self-declared Brunch Aficionado, you’ll find me Serving up sparkling watermelon refreshers and blueberry biscuits on any given Sunday. 

I believe there is power in women gathering together and sharing their stories without judgment. My table is a space where fear falls away, honesty takes a seat, and true transformations happen.

Shame is dismantled through the power of knowing you aren’t alone.

There are some stories that the Enemy wants you to keep quiet - a whispering of shame that silences us. But these are the stories that have the greatest impact when we boldly share our experiences and let our truth speak life into others so they know they aren't alone. 

Tommi is a leader in the national movement to end domestic violence. As Chairwoman of the National Domestic Violence Hotline Board of Directors, Tommi develops strategy, guides policy and legislation aimed at ending domestic violence and sexual assault and bridging the gaps in survivor needs. Her highly recognized work includes advocacy for shelter funding, crisis counseling, safety planning and other supportive services. A survivor of domestic violence, Tommi also drives curriculum development and serves in an advisory role for community organizations and partner groups across the nation.

When Your Story
Finds Its Pupose

You tap into the power to change lives

Call me "big sis"

A few of things that are authentically Tommi.

I believe that

always tastes like home

My Secret weapon

I’ve been called wife, mom, auntie, and big sis, but my favorite name is when my grandbabies (AKA my "Boops") call me Mom-mom. 

vulnerability is the key to unlocking the heart which is where true transformation lies.

Every dish I make has a whole lotta love stirred in - my heart-shaped LOVE SPOON is my secret weapon. 

The best recipes are the ones you add a little bit of yourself into - and the same goes for coaching my fellow women. When we sit at the table together, I bring all of me to the conversation. 

chef tommi v

All glory belongs to GOD - my life is intentional and it is my joy to live it out in service to others. God gave me my voice and I intend to use it to give others a voice when they need it most. 



I found myself within these legacy inspired recipes, creating food inspired by the woman who poured all her love into every dish. My legacy began with her love and it’s an honor to share this recipe for life with all who sit at my table. 

Nana’s recipes


My Favorite Things

We call it Vincent Country - the space where we live life together. Our table is large and there is always a space waiting for friends new and old to join us for a meal that feeds both the body and the soul. 



This is our legacy. Five incredible children making their way in the world while serving others and boldly stepping into their purpose. They pursue life with brazen confidence that delights this mama!



She has served as both the onsite and virtual chef for ogranizations such as Morgan Stanley, iHeart Radio and The National Football League (NFL). 

Tommi is a nationally acclaimed speaker appearing on stage and in media including Essence Festival, Hallmark Home & Family, Heart & Soul Magazine, The Undefeated, Savoy Magazine, Money-Making Conversations, FOX, NBC, ABC, and WGN.

A podcast host for the “Stay A While Podcast”, as well as the “Stay A While Cooking Show.” Tommi brings her passion for strengthening the Black Family unit while inspiring families to seek viable lifestyles based on sound values, love, relatability: Faith, Family, Food. 

The cornerstone of her brand is showcased in her Annual Vincent County Women’s Retreat - a three day gathering of women from all walks of life in search of emotional nourishment. Congregating at her table to feast and commune over homemade dishes she personally prepares, Tommi walks these women through transformational breakthroughs by first feeding the body and then nourishing the soul.  

Love it

Leave it

"Sistas" by vocalist Rachelle Ferrell  

Family style meals with real butter.

Fresh flowers & paper plates.

Cooking from scratch. 

"Baby Shark Doot Doo Doot..." Dooo...

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" and it's friends. 

Dirty Dishes.

Boxed Mac-N-Cheese.

Pull Up A Chair

Connect with Tommi at her Virtual Table by joining her Weekly Stay A While Talk Show on Instagram Live where she meets with Way Makers & World Shakers using their stories to change the world. 

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